Thursday, 5 April 2012

Tuesday and Thursday catch up: shopping/ HAUL :)

On Tuesday and Thursday I went shopping :) woo 
here are the things I have got they are all quite random :P 


My bed socks I love them they are so cosy and warm! They where £1.00 

I got these and I really like them they have hearts up the back not a line
they where £2.50 I think


OMG when I saw this I had to get it!! I really like moustache things at the moment
( there will be a blog post on my obsession with them soon)
This was £5.00


I have been looking at this for ages every time I go into lush because I haven't known whether to buy it but I have! It is a lip scrub and once you have used it you can lick it of your lips and it tastes nice!! 
This was £4.95


I love these tops they are so comfy. I got two but when I was taking the pictures I was wearing one but the other is a pale grey it was £10 or two for £12 which was really good so I got two!

What did you do today? Hope you are liking my posts about what I have been doing sorry there isn't a Wednesday one I didn't do much so have no photos :( xxx 


leave me a comment it would make my day. I love reading the feed back and will try and reply :D x