Saturday, 31 March 2012

SUN & Holidays :)

So its now the holidays woo so HAPPY I can have 2 weeks of for sleeping, shopping, seeing friends and family and genraly having fun!
I am hoping it is warm, but its England so anything could happen!! It had been really hot for the last few days and it has made me start thinking about the summer. I am going to go to T4 on the beach again this year, it is a concert in Weston, cant wait I am going to catch the train down with a load of friends soo exited!
Anyway its Easter and I thought over the holidays I would do a 'what I have done this week' in pictures, what do you think? If I do I will try and get it up this friday :) xxx

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Easter chick nails

I have seen this design on some other peoples blogs and thought I would give it ago :) I think it it so cute and also not to hard hope you like them.

Easter Chick Nails x

1. Grab a blue and a yellow nail varnish for the base coat I used Rimmel London Sunshine and BarryM Blueberry.
2. Paint all your nails yellow, except the ring finger and paint that one blue.
3. On the bottom of the yellow nails paint little white triangle like a cracked shell.
4. Then paint white eyes on and on the nail with blue do 4 dots down the middle and 3 dots either side so it looks a bit like an egg.
5. With an orange paint a orange triangle on for a beak. 
6. On the white dots for the eyes put smaller black dots inside. 
Then your DONE!
Hope you like them I would love if you let me know if you have tried them!
Have a Happy Easter

Thursday, 22 March 2012

GCSE Photography project.

For one of my choices for my GCSE's I chose Photography. And I have had a photography project over the last week, to make a front cover for a magazine. I got really exited about it because I like doing this kind of editing so I have decided to show you what I have done so far...

My first picture before I edited it.

I have used the magazine COMPANY for inspiration 
so used its name as well because it suited it.

 And this is it so far :D

Still have a few bits to do what do you think of it? Can you suggest any ideas for the bottom left corner? 

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Daisy Nails

I have just done one of the cutest nail designs and I love it I think it will be so cute for the spring and then you could change  the base nail colour for the summer.
Anyway I thought you might like to see what they look like :)

Daisy Nails :)

Choose your base coat, I chose Mint Green from Barry M.
Next use a dotting tool to help make the yellow center ...wait!
Then use the dotting tool again to make the white petals of the daisy I did 5 white dots on all my fingers except my little finger where I did 6.

Hope you have fun trying them out :) xxx

Friday, 16 March 2012

Soap & Glory and Barry M

For a while now I have seen on other peoples blogs reviews of soap and glory products and they have sounded really nice. I have been really wanting to try the brand for a little while now as well so I got my self some of their products and also some more nail varnish because I am a bit obsessed.  

A peachy pink kind of nude color Peach Noble £2.99

Green / Blue color Mint Green £2.99

Soap & Glory body butter £2.50

Soap & Glory shower gel £5.99

Soap & Glory body spray £3.50

                                                     So far loving the Soap & Glory products :)

(come back soon and see my daisy nails x)

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Here is London!

Iconic images of London 
When I visited London last week I took these pictures and I am really pleased with them. What do you think?

Yes I am a bit obsessed with London telephone boxes! 

Eros statue in Piccadilly circus 

Pigeon :) 

I love London taxis! 

Pretty display in a shop window 

Hope you liked them xxx

Friday, 9 March 2012

Art and photograph trip to London.

Well I was going to put some of my pictures of my day in London on, but I have left my cable for my camera some where and don't have a clue where it is?! So I will put pictures on in a few days, or when I find it!

For my GCSE's I am doing Art and Photography. So we had a trip to London to go to the Saatchi gallery and to go and see the David Hockney exhibition. It was really good but being on the coach was probably the best and funniest bit. We had to get to school early. 7:30 I though they where joking but no they where not! Everyone was their on time except my friend Gi, she is always late to everything and yes she was late again. The 3 coaches had to wait for her to come.(Half and hour late whoops)

While we where waiting to go in to the David Hockney exhibition a man came over and started talking to us, don't really know what about we where just nodding when he walked away Gi said "dose he look like David Hockney or is it just me?" We burst out laughing, he actually did haha.
As we where walking back to the coach there was a man dressed up as a clown out side a shop in Piccadilly circus. He was dancing and making funny noises I was pushing Gi, Meg and Andy all to one side because I am petrified of clowns, and he was coming towards us!

On the way home we stopped of at a service station I decided to have a Frapichino from Starbucks mostly because I have never had a Starbucks, and also Meg had one on the way to London. So I decided to get one. I have now found out coffee dose not agree with me I had about half of it and I was already hyper and then I started to feel sick, so Meg took it of me and decided she was going to finish it. We where both hyper and tired and feeling a bit sick by now. We didn't know what to do with the cup after it was finished so she threw/gave it to Andy and the ice in the bottom fell out and she sat on it for the rest of the way home with out realizing. All the way back we where laughing and dancing to the song Ray Charles it is probably my favorite song in the world at the moment. it was a really good day!
There we go another random day :)  hope you had a good day to xxxx

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Meet my cat :)

Meet my cat Archie, we have only had him for several months but I love him to pieces! He is the laziest cat in the world (as you can probably see from the first picture :L but he is about 13.) Also he is the most adorable cat in the world, well I think so. Here are a few pictures of him:

hope you like him to :)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

tea time

I made dinner today with my mum it was delicious so i have some pictures of it :)

it was quick and easy to make and so tasty <3 xxx what did you have for tea tonight ??

Monday, 5 March 2012

Collective haul (lush, next, boots)

Me and my mum went to shopping on the weekend, so I have decided to show you some of the things I have got and also so some of the nail varnish i really like at the moment.


Twilight Ballistic Bath bomb pink on the outside and blue on the inside smells of toffee (£3.15)

Avo green bath bomb smells of sweet lemon(£3.10)

Dorothy Bubble (its a kind of soap and you put it in the bath like bubble bath)

My favorite nail varnishes at the moment 

Silver foil effect limited edition (£3.99)

Cobalt blue very dark blue (£2.99)

Strawberry light pink (£2.99)

Light blue sorry don't know the name (£2.99)

Shoes from next £22 they where the only ones left thankfully my size 9 :O

Sunday, 4 March 2012

glittery nails!

I have recently become obsessed with painting my nails and have spent most of my money (I did have) on nail varnish oops! Last night I decide to try out a design I have seen on other peoples blogs and youtube channels. 

I started with two coats of the Barry M black nail varnish and waited for it to dry. Then I started almost at the bottom of my nails and did one fine coat of Barry M Limited Edition Effects silver glitter then then start half of the way up my nail with the silver glitter and then when it is dry do the top of you nail so you cant see the color underneath.  

 The finished nails :) hope you like them and have a go.

Oh also do any of you find that the Barry M nail varnish peals very easily even with a top coat? Let me know please if yours does. (or if its just me)