Monday, 5 March 2012

Collective haul (lush, next, boots)

Me and my mum went to shopping on the weekend, so I have decided to show you some of the things I have got and also so some of the nail varnish i really like at the moment.


Twilight Ballistic Bath bomb pink on the outside and blue on the inside smells of toffee (£3.15)

Avo green bath bomb smells of sweet lemon(£3.10)

Dorothy Bubble (its a kind of soap and you put it in the bath like bubble bath)

My favorite nail varnishes at the moment 

Silver foil effect limited edition (£3.99)

Cobalt blue very dark blue (£2.99)

Strawberry light pink (£2.99)

Light blue sorry don't know the name (£2.99)

Shoes from next £22 they where the only ones left thankfully my size 9 :O


  1. Mmmmm I bet you will be feeling good after your bath with these beauties!

  2. love them shoes!
    please check out my fashion blog- xx


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