Sunday, 18 March 2012

Daisy Nails

I have just done one of the cutest nail designs and I love it I think it will be so cute for the spring and then you could change  the base nail colour for the summer.
Anyway I thought you might like to see what they look like :)

Daisy Nails :)

Choose your base coat, I chose Mint Green from Barry M.
Next use a dotting tool to help make the yellow center ...wait!
Then use the dotting tool again to make the white petals of the daisy I did 5 white dots on all my fingers except my little finger where I did 6.

Hope you have fun trying them out :) xxx


  1. cute! and perfect for spring!

    xo's, vanessa

  2. This nail design is so cute! I really like how you incorporated the mint green as it's so popular this Spring. Great post and beautiful blog!
    xx, Kels


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