Saturday, 31 March 2012

SUN & Holidays :)

So its now the holidays woo so HAPPY I can have 2 weeks of for sleeping, shopping, seeing friends and family and genraly having fun!
I am hoping it is warm, but its England so anything could happen!! It had been really hot for the last few days and it has made me start thinking about the summer. I am going to go to T4 on the beach again this year, it is a concert in Weston, cant wait I am going to catch the train down with a load of friends soo exited!
Anyway its Easter and I thought over the holidays I would do a 'what I have done this week' in pictures, what do you think? If I do I will try and get it up this friday :) xxx


leave me a comment it would make my day. I love reading the feed back and will try and reply :D x