Thursday, 29 March 2012

Easter chick nails

I have seen this design on some other peoples blogs and thought I would give it ago :) I think it it so cute and also not to hard hope you like them.

Easter Chick Nails x

1. Grab a blue and a yellow nail varnish for the base coat I used Rimmel London Sunshine and BarryM Blueberry.
2. Paint all your nails yellow, except the ring finger and paint that one blue.
3. On the bottom of the yellow nails paint little white triangle like a cracked shell.
4. Then paint white eyes on and on the nail with blue do 4 dots down the middle and 3 dots either side so it looks a bit like an egg.
5. With an orange paint a orange triangle on for a beak. 
6. On the white dots for the eyes put smaller black dots inside. 
Then your DONE!
Hope you like them I would love if you let me know if you have tried them!
Have a Happy Easter

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