Sunday, 13 January 2013

January! :)

I am really sorry I haven't been posting that recently I have had loads of ideas of things to post about but not enough time, well I cant really say that I just haven't been up to it but I don't want to stop I just need to get thought this part of exams at school and then hopefully I will be back.
Anyway I thought I would do a quick post on last few weeks though my Instagram pictures :)

I go to 150 followers! THANK YOU* my new radio I got for Christmas* an old comic strip of snoopy my gran found* my fluffy slippers* Christmas chocolates I couldn't stop eating* my sleepy cat* clothes I got ready for a photo shoot* Barry M raspberry* Coco being angry* packing up the baubles :(* our crazy home* science revision!* my cat not helping me revise* the February company magazine* one of the photos from my photo shoot* a poster my dad has on his fridge*

Hope you like all the pictures and I hope to be posting much more into the rest of the year!
Also I will be trying to get a giveaway together for 150 followers or 200 if it gets to that before I do the giveaway :) xxxx

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of you I hope you all had a great 2012 and had a great new years eve last night and now hopefully are not feeling dreadful. I had a great night watching fireworks and playing games but now feel like death warmed up.
I hope we can all have an amazing 2013 with loads of excitement to come!