Thursday, 21 June 2012

NOTD - A Sprinkling of Glitter

I know its summer/ almost summer but here in England it is pouring with rain :( I really want it to be warm and sunny so I can wear all the bright and pastley nail varnishes I have, but today my nails are quite dark. (because of the horrible weather)
I have seen lots of people having to colours on there fingers, one colour on Ring Finger and Thumb and another colour on the others so I decided to give it ago. Also on the Ring Finger and Thumb I did a diagonal stripe of glittery nail varnish to make them look a bit more interesting (I love glittery nail varnishes!!)

The colours I used where:
Barry M Bright purple
Barry M Cobalt blue
Topshop Ice Crush

I hope you like them. I am going to try and do flowers on my nails next week because I a doing work experience in a florist and think it would look cool :) So if you have any good tips or have seen a good tutorial please let me no :) xxx

Monday, 18 June 2012

Sheep Pigs and Chickens :)

This is just a random post, but on the week end I went to a farm show with all the cute animals :)  which is close to where I live. I have always loved going to these kind of shows  (I want to be a farmer!) but here are a few pictures I took their are allot of sheep.
Piggys in the mud 

Haha This goat had false teeth :P 

I want a sheep like this one it looks like a teddy bear! Aww
umm a mad chicken 

Pretty Eggs :)

And yes it was VERY muddy but what do you expect its England!
I hope you don't mine this random post I just wanted to share a few pictures :)
So what did you get up to on the weekend? xx

Friday, 8 June 2012

My Summer Wish List

Ok so its meant to be summer! But it is still wet, cold and raining :( Anyway here are a few things I would like for when it gets warmer and is a bit more like summer.
Crop top from Topshop: £10
There are lots of different colours of these and I really like them but this one is my favourite. 

Maxi Skirt from Republic: £25.00
I would really love this but its a bit expensive so I will try (really hard) to save up :)

Shorts from Topshop: £32.00

Moustache watch from Urban Outfitters: £28.00
This is just a random one not really summery but I am obsessed with moustaches and would really love it :)

Peacock cross T-shirt from Orange Circle: £14.49

white t-shirt from Republic: £8.00
I know its just simple but I quite like it and think it would be good over a bikini (if it gets hotter)

I hope you like thing things on my wish list which are you favourite? And I hope it a bit more like summer where you are :) xxx

Monday, 4 June 2012

miniture haul

So here are two things I got recently they where a well done present, and I though you might like to see them :)

Face and Body Kabuki brush from Soap and Glory and BarryM nail varnish.

BarryM nail varnish this is such a gorgeous colour and I love it so much. It is called Bright Purple and the colour is quite dark which is really nice.

Soap and Glory Kabuki brush. I love this so much it is really soft and keep rubbing it against my face! It works really well and gives a really good even coverage of foundation. love it! 

hope you like the items in my post :) what is your favrouite colour nail varnish? xx