Sunday, 29 April 2012

Another Photography project.

I hope you don't mind me writing about my photography project but I have another one. This time we have to pick a well known fairy tale or children's story and take photos (obviously) about it. We have to study a photographer called Annie Leibovitz, she has some of the most amazing Disney/ Fairy tale photos here are a few :) 

Alice in wonderland

Peter Pan

Snow White

So I had to get inspired by these photos. I really liked the Alice in wonderland one, So have done my own kind of photos in Alice in wonderland style here some of my favourites that I have taken :)

What do you think of them? Could you tell they where Alice in wonderland inspired?
 If you saw my last photography project post I thought I would let you know I got an A :) So happy (If you didn't here it is: GCSE Photography project. )

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My Wish List lip stick and nails

Another wish list I don't think these wish lists are going to stop I have so many things I would love to get but don't have the money to get them.  
Here are few Lipsticks and Nail things I would like ( If I had the money for all of them ) :) 

Lips Brighton Rocks £8.00 Topshop 

 Lips Whimsical £8.00 Topshop

Lipstick Watch Me Simmer $14.50 MAC

Lipstick Pink Nouveau $14.50 MAC

Lipstick Viva Glam Nicki $14.50 MAC

Nails Aqua Violet Beetle Juice £5.00 Republic

Nails Razzmatazz  £6.00 Topshop

Nails Black & White stripe nail wrap set £7.00 Urban Outfitters

 Nails Spots & Stripes nail wrap set £7.00 Urban Outfitters

Do you like the items on my wish list? What are your favourite? xxx

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Spring and Pastel Stripes

I love stripes especially for spring they are so pretty. 
The pastel colours are cute here are a few of the ones I like :)

From Topshop I love the mint green (ish) stripes on this so much!

From Topshop I love these pastel colours are so pretty and just right for spring :)

From Republic

From Republic love these shoes I have always wanted some think this :)

From Newlook

From Urban Outfitters I think the flamingos are so cute love them!

what do you think of pastel stripes? xxx

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

My Wish List clothes and accessories

Here are a few things that I would love at the moment but I don't have enough money to get ALL ANY of them. They are all so nice and summery. I am loving the stripes especially pastel coloured stripes, like those jeans. I love them so much but they are just a bit to expensive for me at the moment. I keep trying to save up, I am never good at saving! As soon as I see something I like and have the money for, I will buy it but I am trying my hardest to save up for them:)
What are your favourite things on my wish list? xxx

Sunday, 15 April 2012

My meme

a  meme sent from moments from suburbia :)

As usual I have to answer a few questions, and as usual I'm not great at one word answers...

Favourite Colour? light blue or purple :)

Favourite Animal? my cat Archie i love him

Favourite Number? 9 or 2 don't really know why?!

Favourite Drink? lemonade but i have braces so I'm not really ment to :(

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook I don't have a Facebook for my blog but i have a twitter but it confuses me.

My Passion?  Eating :D especially the puddings my gran makes.

Giving or Getting Presents? Giving but i like getting perzzies as well.

Favourite Day?  first day of the summer holidays because it feels like i have forever to do nothing

Favourite Flower? rose :)

Favourite Place? cornwall by the sea

I'd like to pass this Meme on to; 




    la chambre

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Blog Button's

This is only quick but recently I have seen people have made themself's a blog button to put on there page and if people like their blog they can put it on theirs. I thought it was a good idea so I have made my own:
Hope you like it I know it is only a picture nothing fancy but I don't have a clue how you do the HTML thingy!
If you would like to swap buttons please comment below with your blog link and I can find it and put it on my blog buttons page :)

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Review No7 Intelligent Balance Mousse foundation

I have been looking for a not so highly priced mouse foundation for a while, and have found one they sell in Boots it is their own brand No7 Intelligent Balance Mousse foundation and so far really like it. My shade is 15 buff and when I got it I opened the box and it looks a really dark shade which got me a bit worried but actually you can hardly see it on my skin. It blends in really well and does not give you an 'orange' look it just makes you look a bit healthier and glowing, it also covers dark circles and blemishes really well. The one thing bad about it is that it does not have very many shades so it might be hard for you to find the exact one. The price is £12.50 which might be a bit expensive but I Actually I only paid £7.50 for this because I had the £5 off voucher which was good but I don't think I would have got it the full price (bit to expensive for me) I would really recommend it if you didn't mind paying £12.50 oh and it is also quite a big pot so will hopeful last a long time :) xxx
what foundation do you like at the moment? x

Friday, 6 April 2012

MOUSTACHE everything!

All of a sudden I have been obsessed with things with moustaches on I think they are so cool don't really know why but I love them so I though I would show you some of the things I would really like!

From Orange Circle and I absolutely love it!!!

From Urban Outfitters 

Found these on youtube I have tried them ( didn't got to well! )

From Accsessorize I got one like this last Tuesday but its a bit smaller

From Topshop
What kind of trend are you liking at the moment?
Emeli-J xxx

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Tuesday and Thursday catch up: shopping/ HAUL :)

On Tuesday and Thursday I went shopping :) woo 
here are the things I have got they are all quite random :P 


My bed socks I love them they are so cosy and warm! They where £1.00 

I got these and I really like them they have hearts up the back not a line
they where £2.50 I think


OMG when I saw this I had to get it!! I really like moustache things at the moment
( there will be a blog post on my obsession with them soon)
This was £5.00


I have been looking at this for ages every time I go into lush because I haven't known whether to buy it but I have! It is a lip scrub and once you have used it you can lick it of your lips and it tastes nice!! 
This was £4.95


I love these tops they are so comfy. I got two but when I was taking the pictures I was wearing one but the other is a pale grey it was £10 or two for £12 which was really good so I got two!

What did you do today? Hope you are liking my posts about what I have been doing sorry there isn't a Wednesday one I didn't do much so have no photos :( xxx