Sunday, 29 April 2012

Another Photography project.

I hope you don't mind me writing about my photography project but I have another one. This time we have to pick a well known fairy tale or children's story and take photos (obviously) about it. We have to study a photographer called Annie Leibovitz, she has some of the most amazing Disney/ Fairy tale photos here are a few :) 

Alice in wonderland

Peter Pan

Snow White

So I had to get inspired by these photos. I really liked the Alice in wonderland one, So have done my own kind of photos in Alice in wonderland style here some of my favourites that I have taken :)

What do you think of them? Could you tell they where Alice in wonderland inspired?
 If you saw my last photography project post I thought I would let you know I got an A :) So happy (If you didn't here it is: GCSE Photography project. )


  1. your photos are amazing! you can defiantly tell they're alice and wonderland inspired! well done on getting an A in your last project, I think this one looks like it deserves an A too!x

    sophie @

    1. thank you so much i was worried the didn't look much like Alice in wonderland :) xx

  2. oh so cool!! I looove photography and art!The photos you picked as your inspiration are gorgeous! and you interpretations are wonderful too! x

  3. Wow fab photos! I have just picked my GCSE options but Photography wasnt a subject we could take :( Would love it if you could take a look at my blog -
    I work very hard on my photos that go on it!

  4. wow great dress and gloves!!!



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