Sunday, 15 April 2012

My meme

a  meme sent from moments from suburbia :)

As usual I have to answer a few questions, and as usual I'm not great at one word answers...

Favourite Colour? light blue or purple :)

Favourite Animal? my cat Archie i love him

Favourite Number? 9 or 2 don't really know why?!

Favourite Drink? lemonade but i have braces so I'm not really ment to :(

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook I don't have a Facebook for my blog but i have a twitter but it confuses me.

My Passion?  Eating :D especially the puddings my gran makes.

Giving or Getting Presents? Giving but i like getting perzzies as well.

Favourite Day?  first day of the summer holidays because it feels like i have forever to do nothing

Favourite Flower? rose :)

Favourite Place? cornwall by the sea

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    la chambre


  1. hahahhaaha love your answers xx


  2. Thankyou so much, it really means a lot:) xxx

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  4. Hey! I have just awarded you a Blogger Appreciation Award over on my blog! x

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