Thursday, 21 June 2012

NOTD - A Sprinkling of Glitter

I know its summer/ almost summer but here in England it is pouring with rain :( I really want it to be warm and sunny so I can wear all the bright and pastley nail varnishes I have, but today my nails are quite dark. (because of the horrible weather)
I have seen lots of people having to colours on there fingers, one colour on Ring Finger and Thumb and another colour on the others so I decided to give it ago. Also on the Ring Finger and Thumb I did a diagonal stripe of glittery nail varnish to make them look a bit more interesting (I love glittery nail varnishes!!)

The colours I used where:
Barry M Bright purple
Barry M Cobalt blue
Topshop Ice Crush

I hope you like them. I am going to try and do flowers on my nails next week because I a doing work experience in a florist and think it would look cool :) So if you have any good tips or have seen a good tutorial please let me no :) xxx


  1. Love both the Barry M shades and I love that you did just a slither of glitter on the nails. So pretty and different! xo

  2. aw that looks to pretty the way you just put the glitter on the corner! I'm gona have to steal that idea! lol

    Cherry Lane xoxo

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  4. this design is lovely. i really like the subtle bit of glitter :) x

  5. Love your design! Will give this a go!

  6. like your blog!
    keep posting and go for itttt

  7. This looks lovely :) I love the blue xx

  8. I love your blog great work :) follow me and I’ll follow you back x

  9. i love the nails especially the purple ones


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