Sunday, 18 November 2012

Batiste Dry Shampoo; Review

I got batiste dry shampoo a while a go just to try it because I have had other brands of dry shampoo in my Glossy and Jolie Boxes and I have heard a lot about this brand so thought I would try it out.

When I got it I got the coloured one - Dark and Deep Brown, because I have dark brown hair and the others show up in my hair and make it look dusty and dirty. Anyway my thoughts on this shampoo are: I really like it, it really works well and makes my hair look cleaner, it also gives my hair volume which I like because when I have dirty hair it goes limp and flat. The only thing is even when I rub it in to my scalp it still comes out on my hands when I run my fingers though my hair and because it is a brown colour it makes my fingers brown and gets stuck in my nails, which is the only annoying thing! But other wise it is good to use if you are  just going out quickly or are going to school and haven't had time to wash it.

Have you tried their shampoo and do you like it?


  1. I love Batiste! It's a little life saver on those in-between washes days! :) Xxx

  2. I love batiste dry shampoo! I bought a travel one recently and I am definitely buying the full size one when this runs out :) Lovely blog xo

    Thank you for giving me your link yesterday during the bbloggers chat :) I am following now.

  3. I love Batiste! It often saves the day for me!

  4. Batiste dry shampoo is amazing! I find it easier to just brush it through your hair, rather than rub in in with your fingers, then you dont get it all on your hands :) If you brush it enough it blends in fine :) xx


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