Friday, 20 July 2012

Summer Holiday Wish List!

Its meant to be summer! But it doesn't feel like it even though I have just started summer holidays and in a few weeks I am going away. So I was just looking at Topshop and Republic for some summer cloths (even though I have enough clothes anyway, I always like looking) here a few thinks that really caught me eye whilst looking to get me in the summery mood :)

  • From Republic, I love these so much.
  • They look so confey,and are great for
  • going on holiday because they are small
  •  and wont take up much space when packing
  •  Miss KG Lawson Suede Loafers
  • £55.00

From Republic, I love the colours
 in this dress they are amazing and it is so
 pretty! I love it

1                                                           2

From Topshop, these to nail varnishes are amazing colours and both shiny/sparkly. I love blue so these are great!
     1  Nails In Beleza
     2  Nails In Eclipse
  •          Price: £6.00
  • What are you doing this summer? And what are you favourite things out of my wish list?
  • xxxx


  1. that nail varnish is soo lovely, i wish i had some way of earning money right now :)

    Rose x


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