Sunday, 15 July 2012

Freebies :D

A few weeks ago I went to T4 on the beach which was amazing and whilst I was there I went round to a few stools/shops and picked up some freebies.
I love getting freebies so I was really exited to get these they are quite good as well not like cheep ones so I though I would show you some.

These look really intresting (left to right facial exfoliator, facial mask, hydrating serum) I havnt tryed them yet but cant wait and if they are good I might post about them.

I also got a few things from no. 17 :)

Black Pencil Eyeliner this is reallt good but you have to press quite hard because its not that soft like some of the others I have, but is still really good.

No.17 lasting finnish nail polish (sorry dont know the name)

No. 17 instant glow fake tan this is really good and really does make your skin glow :)

      Before                                           After 
                                                           (sorry if you cant see much of a difference but there is a little)

But it does look like you are spredding marmite on your self!

I love getting freebies especially if they are good ones like these ones :) 
and I definatly think I will be repurchesing some of these producss after I have finnished them!!


  1. Ooooh freebies are great ;) I love trying before buying! The Elemis looks nice! x

    1. ha same i cant wait to try that one it :) x

  2. I worked in the bar at T4 on the beach :D I didn't get any freebies though, haha.. cheeky freebies you nabbed :) xx

  3. The elemis frsh skin range is amazing, I have blogged on the whole range would love if you could have a read, might give you some idea on what to try first :)



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