Thursday, 26 July 2012

Summer Nails

Ok so outside it might not be that summery but you always need something to brighten up your day, and as you probably already know that I love painting my nails. So here are all my favourite summer nail varnishes, that I wear most in the summer:

BarryM Bright Purple, BarryM Silver Foil Effect (limited edition)

BarryM Shocking Pink, BarryM Blueberry

Nail Girls one from the Olympics range (sorry don't know the name)
BarryM Strawberry

BarryM Peach Noble 

Topshop Ice Crush

and my favourite top coat is Rimmle London 60 seconds Clear,this drys really quickly so it gives you more time outside enjoying the sun :) 
Hope you liked the post, what are your favourite summer nail varnishes? 
Have a GREAT summer!


  1. Such a lovely post! Barry m blueberry looks beautiful! I love Essie mint candy apple in the summer time <3 xo

  2. I totally agree, i love painting my nails when i have time :)


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