Sunday, 6 May 2012

April Glossy Box

This is my first Glossy Box. I was so exited but also it might be my last for a while as I don't have enough money to be getting one every month. I just thought I would try it out and then when I have a job or more money I could get them and I know what it will be like :)

So I got my Glossy Box on the 2nd of May because the post people delivered it and we weren't home. So for the last few days I have been trying to avoid Blogs with Glossy Box posts and Instagram pictures so I didn't spoil the surprise but here is my (tiny bit late) April Glossy Box
(picture heavy post sorry) 

My April Glossy Box :D

Figs & Rouge balm, Rambling Rose 

I love this so much the smell is AMAZING its smells a bit like Turkish delight and it really works well on lips! But you don't have to just use it on lips you can use it also use it on other dry patches. 
It says on the piece of paper that comes in the Glossy Box, 100% pure, natural and organic for hydrating lips and skin.

Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum

I'm not to sure about this one. It says put it on before moisturising and that it will ensure the skin never lacks moisture.
 It looks good and I have tried it and so far its good and makes my skin feel hydrated. 

Kai Perfume Oil

I know that the perfume samples aren't so popular but I like this one. It smells of flowers and is really fresh. I don't think I would buy it but it is nice to try something different :)

Ayuuri Natural Body Wash

The smell of this is hard to describe but is really nice and not to strong. On the bottle it says
 Has Sandalwood, Vitamin E and Coconut in it. Also I think it is full size which is nice because it I really like it. 

Inika Cosmetics 07 Graphite

I don't wear eye liner but I have tried this and love it so much! It is so creamy and is so easy to get a good line with. Also it will make a great smokey effect because of its grey shiny colour.  

Whoops just ordered May Glossy Box! It is a bit addictive but I think that will be my last one of a while :)
Hope you like the things in my Glossy Box


  1. nice box this month xx


  2. I've just ordered my first Glossy Box and I cannot wait for it to arrive! This stuff looks so nice :) .xo


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