Sunday, 26 August 2012

Youth In Revolt

This is my new obsession! making a collage of clothes/outfits on Polyvore. Its very addictive but I will now want to buy all the outfits I have make on it and I haven't chosen the cheapest of clothing! Oh well it is a great site just to have a look at and I advise you to because it is quite fun!
Anyway here is the first collage I mad on there (I am now saving up to get everything on here its going to take a while!)

youth in revolt

H m sweater
£13 -

Studded shirt
£41 -

Studded shorts
£44 -

Vans shoes
£40 -

Aldo jewelry
£9.47 -

Dallas Vintage Collar Tips in Gold
£16 -

Hope you like the outfit I have made :)  xxx

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