Monday, 13 August 2012

Jolie Box #1

yay my first Jolie Box :)
A few weeks ago I entered a compotion on Sammi's blog (Beauty Crush) for either 6 months free subscription or 3 months free subscription to Jolie Box. I was so exited when I found out that I had won 3 months subscription, I was never expect it and was going to try out jolie box anyway because I have tried Glossy Box and wanted a change so to get 3 months free subscription was amazing!
 I was so exited when I opened it. 
With Jolie Box you get a little magazine/newsletter which is a great touch to the box. So I am really interested to read it but here are the things I got with my jolie box :)

Jolie Box :D

What was in side it was really cute because it came in a bag which will come in really useful! 

Wen By Caz Dean: Sweet Almond and Mint cleansing conditioner. 
This looks great and smells so good I want to eat it! I can't wait to use it because my hair will smell so nice after and I love trying new products in my hair.
It says on the leaflet bursting with natural hers and botanicals, this single-step cleansing conditioner leave hair looking and feeling deeply cleansed and nourished at the same time.

Bronz Repair: You are meant to use this before and after sun bathing to stop wrinkles. I have used it but I can't say I have seen a difference, but it dose cool down the skin a bit.

Etat Pur Pure Active A22 Salicylic Acid 300: I think this is just mostly Salicylic Acid which is used to get rid of spots and blemishes. I am quite lucky because I don't get many spots but I have used this and it so far has worked. Also it doesn't have any scent which is nice so my face doesn't smell acidy.

Jane Iredale Tantasia Self Tanner: This is quite good it makes me look a bit orange but yes it does tan. It is quite sparkle and with this small tube I only think I could do one leg but its wort a try.

NailGirls: The last this was these two nail varnishes which I was really exited about because you all probably know how much I love nail varnish. These are from the range inspired by the Olympics and I am sorry but I don't know what the are called but I really like them.  

And the last thing is so sweet it is finger separators for when I paint my nails with Jollie Box on.
I quite liked my firs Jolie Box and am looking forward to my next one  :) xx

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